At UCFB an incredible 90% of current graduates are in employment and almost two in three of those graduates are working within the football and sports industry.

A global industry

The football and sports industry is growing at a rapid rate and shows no signs of slowing down, that’s why here at UCFB we make it our mission to educate, train and prepare the stars of its future.

In the UK alone, over 350,000 people work in the sector, with roles varying from marketing to finance, and from coaching to psychology.


Wembley Stadium, home of UCFB Wembley, during the FA Cup Final

But it’s on a global scale where the numbers really start to add up. The industry is growing at an annual rate of seven percent, and is worth over a huge £445 billion. The market for events alone is worth £50 billion annually, with growth in many countries faster than their GDP.

Football clubs are now global brands, with head offices on every continent exploring new markets for fan bases and sponsorship.

Just one look at the Premier League tells of the global reach the game has: shirt and stadium sponsorship come from Asia, the Middle East, America and mainland Europe. Once upon a time the car repair service centre around the corner from the stadium would be a shirt sponsor but now it’s an international airline.


A UCFB student being interview by Austrian TV network ORF

International sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics are now major tourist attractions in their own rights. Millions of people from all over the world attend these showpiece events, spending billions of pounds. Jobs such as marketing, media, event and hospitality management, community development and merchandising are all vital roles which keep the events and industry moving.

Here at UCFB, our wide variety of unique degree courses, coupled with our innovative Employability & Enrichment events, are designed to prepare students for such roles.

Ingredients for success

At UCFB, we and our industry partners believe there are three key ingredients for a successful career. These are namely a degree, good references/networking and work experience (a proven track record).

At UCFB, you will have the opportunity to achieve all three components.

Firstly, our academic programme will provide your degree level education. Secondly our Employability & Enrichment team will provide you with the opportunity to achieve the final two components.

A UCFB student assisting during the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation fundraiser for the LMA

In order to place graduates in the best possible position for a career in sport, UCFB focuses on a unique Employability & Enrichment opportunity, which prepares students for the dynamic football and sports industry and ensures that they stand out to all potential employers. UCFB offers unrivalled opportunities to undertake student placements and work experience with leading sports organisations throughout each degree programme.


UCFB students undertaking STATS qualification

To date, students have benefited from UCFB’s position in the industry, where they have received media training by Sky Sports presenters and specialist media consultancies; gained presentation skills, boardroom insights and interview skills, all from some of the best in the sporting arena which make up key components of the PDP programme as part of being a UCFB student.

Thus the end game is to provide you a platform for you to be the best you can be.

Be inspired

UCFB selected its degree programmes with great care in partnership with the wider and global football and sports industry to ensure that not only do our students have best in class business and management capabilities but also understand the skills required and the nuances of the range of sports careers available.


A group of UCFB students after being awarded the annual UCFB Sports Entrepreneur Award

The responsibility of UCFB is to allow you to ‘Be Inspired’ and provide a wealth and breadth of experience and opportunities for you to make more informed decisions about the career paths that you would like to take.

Our experience is that most students are still looking for that ‘light bulb’ moment to decide where their first choice of career will be. The ‘smorgasbord’ of experiences on offer to you as a UCFB student provides the window of insight and opportunity along with our guidance, for your chosen career goal.


Career Prospects

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