At UCFB we pride ourselves on providing students with a stimulating curriculum in a unique environment. We believe our world-first approach to higher education gives our students the best possible chance of a successful career in the football and sports industry.

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Why is the football and sports industry a promising domain?+

Football and sport is a truly global business worth billions of pounds. With increased TV revenues, marketing opportunities and ever-growing fan bases, never has there been more job opportunities in the industry. From media to coaching and finance to events management, hundreds of new and exciting jobs in football and sport are being created on a weekly basis around the world.

Why choose football and sport

Learn from the best+

Our academics are leaders in their respective fields, and bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge from the football and sports industry and higher education. Football and sport is one of the most popular and rewarding industries to work in, with numerous rewards and opportunities available to those that work within it. With UCFB students learning from those who have been there and done it at the highest level they will understand what it takes to succeed in the football and sports industry.