Before I can advise on your application, I just need to make sure that we have an application record for you created on our system. Could you please confirm a few details?

Home Address

Could please confirm your UCAS personal ID number and your clearing number?
Note: International Students may only study at Wembley
Thank you for providing this information, I now need to ask you a few questions to find out if there is any additional support which we can offer you at UCFB…
Thank you, I now need to find out more about your qualifications, could you first please confirm what you hold as your highest qualifications and the grades you have achieved?

Please confirm the grades you hold in GCSE English and Maths or any other equivalent qualifications that you hold?

Could you please confirm the details of any qualifications that you have not yet received the results for?

At present I am unable to confirm for you whether or not we are able to offer you a place on your chosen course. Your details will be forwarded to our admissions team who will make a decision for you as soon as possible. 
Please keep a close eye on the email address you have provided for further information.
--- End Call ---

Based on the information you’ve provided me with, I feel that you meet the requirements for the programme and should be accepted to the programme. I’ll make a recommendation to the admissions team that they issue you a formal offer to your choice of course. 

The Admissions team will check the information you have provided me with and will send you further information by email as soon as possible, please keep an eye on the email address you have provided for further information.
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Unfortunately, based on the information you’ve provided I don’t feel that you meet the minimum requirements to study with UCFB at this time. 

Our admissions team will review this and send you confirmation by email, in the meantime I would recommend that you continue to search for a suitable course and institution or seek further qualifications to apply to UCFB for 2018 entry.
--- End Call ---

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