The role of a ‘project manager’ is a crucial one, requiring well honed, specialist knowledge and skills in order to perform to a high level and achieve success against business objectives. An Associate Project Manager will understand what needs to be achieved from a project, how it will be achieved, how long it will take and how much it will cost, and will work within a team to achieve the required outcomes.

This apprenticeship is suitable for new-hire apprentices taking on specific projects and current staff working on existing projects who are looking to add a knowledge and understanding of project management best practice to their practical experience. Throughout this apprenticeship underpinning theory will be covered, however apprentices will be provided with the opportunity to apply this to their own workplace.

This will take the form of two business projects within the study period to ensure theoretical study can be applied back to the apprentice’s own place of work, providing an opportunity for learning to become embedded and a swift and direct return on employers’ training investment. Upon completion, apprentices will receive a Certificate of Higher Education in Associate Project Management and an associate membership of APM.

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Year One

  • Investigating work based learning and self review
  • Principles of project management

Year Two

  • Understanding reflective practice and enquiry based learning
  • Project management in practice

Each year includes portfolio reviews, personal tutoring and employer reviews.

Mode of delivery+

UCFB can deliver this programme to apprentices at either of our state-of-the-art campuses in Wembley Stadium, London, and the Etihad Stadium, Manchester. Other regional delivery locations will be considered, depending on demand.

The most appropriate mode of delivery will be determined in close collaboration with apprentice employers with options to be considered including day-release or study blocks) built around periods where employers find it easier to release apprentices for ‘off the job training’.

All apprenticeship training will include some element of virtual learning, which reduces the need for direct teaching and excessive travel. We recommend learning time to be 2 years. However, this can be adapted to meet employer requirements.

Pricing +

The course uses £9,000 of Apprenticeship Levy funds.