This programme will cover essential elements of leadership and management within a football and sporting environment, including strategic decision making, building and leading teams, financial management, risk management, developing stakeholder relationships, fostering inclusive and ethical cultures. This apprenticeship is suited for operational managers, new managers with limited academic background, experienced mid-managers with limited academic background, new managers with a degree in a non-business discipline or managers moving into the football and sports industries for the first time.

On completion, the apprentice will have the knowledge, skills and occupational competence and professional attributes to enable them to be gainfully employed as a Chartered Manager. Underpinning theory will be covered, however apprentices will be provided with the opportunity to apply this to their own workplace. This will take the form of business projects within the study period to ensure theoretical study can be applied back to the apprentice’s own place of work, providing an opportunity for learning to become embedded and a swift and direct return on employers’ training investment. Apprentices will receive a Bachelor’s Degree in management and business and full chartered membership of the CMI upon successful completion.
of the programme.

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Year One –Investigating work based learning and self-review

  • Understanding Reflective Practice & Enquiry based Learning
  • An Introduction to Business Context and Managing Finance

Year Two – Introduction to Marketing and Digital Marketing

  • Action in the workplace context
  • Selling and Business Development
  • Selling and Business Development

Year Three -Organisational skills and behaviours

  • Project Planning and Operations Management
  • Business Strategy and Innovation

Year Four –Work based Research Project

  • Using and Disseminating Evidence into the workplace

Mode of delivery+

UCFB can deliver this programme to apprentices at either of our state-of-the-art campuses in Wembley Stadium, London, and Manchester. Other regional delivery locations will be considered, depending on demand. The most appropriate mode of delivery will be determined in close collaboration with apprentice employers with options to be considered including day-release or study blocks) built around periods where employers find it easier to release apprentices for ‘off the job training’.

All apprenticeship training will include some element of virtual learning, which reduces the need for direct teaching and excessive travel. We recommend learning time to be 4 years. However, this can be adapted to meet employer requirements.


The course uses £27,000 of your Apprenticeship Levy funds.