UCFB offer Foundation Years for a range of unique undergraduate degrees in the football and sports industry.

A Foundation Year may be the option for you if you do not meet the entry requirements for your degree of choice, or if you have qualifications for subjects that differ to the subjects needed. The Foundation Year will enable you to gain the skills for your chosen degree course. The content of the Foundation Year is designed to ensure that you progress directly onto Year 1 of the linked honours degree with confidence.

Each Foundation Year provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their existing abilities, and to further develop key academic and study skills. They also allow students to learn about employment prospects in their chosen area of interest. The project module of the Foundation Year provides students with the opportunity to analyse a problem that relates to their specialist subject area, making use of information gathered from various sources using different methods and strategies. The Foundation Year also provides students with an understanding of a range of concepts and models related to their chosen degree subject.

At UCFB, we offer Foundation Years for the following undergraduate degree programmes:

BA (Hons) Football Business & Finance

BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing

BA (Hons) Football Business & Media

BA (Hons) Football Coaching & Management

BA (Hons) International Football Business

BA (Hons) Multimedia Sports Journalism

BA (Hons) Physical Education

BA (Hons) Sports Business & Coaching

BA (Hons) Sports Business & Sports Broadcasting