Bursary Application Form

Dependant students
You’re classed as a dependant student if you’re under 25 years old and depend on your parents’ financial support.

Independent students
You’re classed as an independent student if:
- You are 25 or over
- You have care of a child under 18
- You are or have been married/in a civil partnership
- You have supported yourself for 3 or more years
- You have no living parents or
- You have no contact with your parents, and this will not change

In order for UCFB to be able to verify your household income you are requested to apply for maintenance loans from Student Finance England (SFE) and permit SFE to share your information with us as part of the application. Applicants who do not meet these requirements will not be able to receive a means tested bursary from UCFB.
Applicants who are not eligible for a SFE maintenance loan (e.g. EU students) must submit evidence of household income for the previous tax year along with three months bank statements

The UCFB Means Tested Bursary is for applicants who need assistance with the cost of living or studying with us. If you do not know the total costs you will be incurring in the next academic year we cannot make a fair assessment of your needs.

Please provide details of financial commitments which you or your parent(s)/guardian(s) are currently incurring. Please provide the total monthly amount of each outgoing expense listed here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to means test this application, we must be able to see an accurate picture of the money going into and out of the household. Applications submitted with this section empty or incomplete will be filed as closed without a decision.

To be a care leaver usually you would be an adult who spent time in care as a child (i.e. under the age of 18). This care would have been approved by the state through a court order or on a voluntary basis.

A carer can be defined as anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction who otherwise cannot cope without their support. UCFB make assessments based on the applicant’s or their parent/guardians financial situation and income.

Terms and Conditions of Bursary application 

1. This means tested bursary is issued in order to assist Undergraduate applicants who genuinely require financial assistance with the cost of studying, all awards are at the discretion of UCFB. 
2. Applicants can apply for different scholarships and bursaries at the same time, however due to limited number of awards UCFB may not be able to issue more than one award per applicant. 
3. Applicants are expected to have a clear picture of their cost of living expenses in the next academic year prior to applying, including the cost of rent and travel. Applicants who do not provide an estimate of living expenses cannot be assessed until these have been provided. 
4. To be eligible for an award the applicant’s annual, pre-tax household income must be less than £40,000 for Wembley applicants and £25,000 for Etihad applicants. Awards made to applicants with household income in excess of this is strictly at the discretion of UCFB. 
5. Applicants are expected to provide honest and thorough details regarding their financial situation. Awards will not be made in any case where UCFB has reasonable grounds to believe that relevant information has been misrepresented or omitted. UCFB reserve the right to request formal evidence of any information entered on this form. 
6. Awards will be made with a consideration of the applicant’s general cost of living whilst they study, including the rental cost of their student halls. Applicants who change their campus, accommodation option or choice of support (travel, accommodation, tuition fees) after an award has been made will be subject to a reassessment of their cost of living and award amounts may be reduced or increased. 
7. This scheme is only open to applicants enrolling for the first time at UCFB who have received and firmly accepted an offer to study with us. 
8. Bursary applicants who are eligible to receive a Student Finance England (SFE) maintenance loan must apply for one in order to receive a means tested bursary. As part of the SFE application, the applicant will need to allow SFE to share financial information with their university. 
9. Applicants who are eligible for £9,000 tuition fees (e.g. EU students) but not eligible for a SFE maintenance loan can still apply for a bursary, but must also submit evidence of household income for the previous tax year along with three months bank statements. 
10. This application form can only be used to apply for a Means Tested Bursary, applications for scholarships must use the scholarships application form.Bursary awards. 
11. Applicants may not be issued an award in cases where their Student Finance Maintenance loan will fully cover their cost of living and provide them with sufficient additional funds to live on. 
12. The means tested bursary cannot be used to subsidise or cover the expenses of any person other than the applicant themselves. 
13. This award will be issued up to a maximum of £3,500 for Wembley and £1,500 for Manchester, the award amount per student will vary depending on your financial circumstances.Awards over this limit will be strictly at the discretion of UCFB. 
14. Only one funding option can be selected each year.Bursary Payments. 
15. Accommodation payments will only be made towards approved UCFB student halls or partner accommodation and cannot be taken towards private rent or towards living with family or friends. 
16. Travel payments will be issued to cover a travel card from your term time address to your chosen campus only. 
a. In cases where a travel card costs less than the award issued by UCFB you will receive the travel card only. 
b. In cases where a travel card costs more than the award issued by UCFB you will receive a contribution towards this cost only.
17. Tuition fee reduction will only be paid to self-funding applicants who are not otherwise eligible for a government tuition fee loan. 
18. Payments will be made in three equal amounts at the start of each term. 
19. Payments will be made direct to the approved accommodation provider or travel card operator, no money will be paid direct to applicants, students or their family. 
20. No payment will be made towards accommodation or travel prior to formal enrolment, unless at the discretion of UCFB.The accommodation bursary will not cover the initial accommodation deposit required to reserve a room in advance of registration. 
21. Applicants who are found to have received an overpayment through incorrect or inaccurate information being provided to UCFB agree to repay the difference in full. 
22. UCFB reserve the right to reclaim bursary payments made to applicants who withdraw or have their enrolment terminated part-way through the year. Overpayment will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. 
23. UCFB reserve the right to close this scheme after May 31st of each year. Applications which are incomplete due to lack of information provided by the applicant can be closed after this date. Applications will be considered after May 31st strictly at the discretion of UCFB.Renewal. 
24. This award can be renewed into years two and three of a degree programme with UCFB. Applicants wishing to renew this award will be given the opportunity to reapply in June prior to re-enrolment. Following a reassessment, the bursary award amount may be reduced or increased. 
25. Any applicant wishing to renew this bursary into a subsequent year must have: 
a. Maintained an attendance level of 90% during the previous academic year. 
b. Achieved a minimum of a 2:2 average throughout all prior studies at UCFB. 
c. Undertaken an active role as a UCFB student ambassador with at least 20 hours volunteered.

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