The last two decades has seen dedicated sport psychologists become more common in sport, when once it was perhaps a taboo subject for athletes to use such practices to improve their performance. Arsenal appointing Arsene Wenger as manager in 1996 is largely seen as the breakthrough moment…

Team psychologist

Sport is often a team game, and that collective drive and belief can be the difference between first and second. That extra 1% changes everything. As team psychologist will often be utilised how the manager or coach best sees fit. Whether that’s three days before a game, one hour or at a players request. They will look at the behaviours and mental capacity of the players and help them deal with the demands and challenges of their job.

Life coach

Motivate, develop and connect. The role of a life coach is to maximise the potential of their client to break down barriers, achieve their goals and ultimately change their life for the better. On a one-to-one basis you’ll identify your client’s strengths, weaknesses and areas to develop their personality and outlook on life in a positive manner. Sessions can also be expanded for groups of all sizes, but ultimately it’s vital that the life coach connects with their client to achieve positive outcomes.

Psychological wellbeing Practitioner

A PWP will support persons of all ages and backgrounds who are experiencing mental health problems, no matter how apparent. Though a challenging role, it’s one which can be bring great satisfaction not only to your patient but you as well. You’ll work closely with other medical and healthcare professionals, as well as emergency services such as police.

HR officer

This role ensures the organisation or club you work for employ the correct staff through experience and skillset, and that once they are employed opportunities are in place for them to continue to grow and enable the company to benefit. The role involves understanding how people operate as individuals and as a team. You’ll work and develop staff policies, advise on employment law and promote equality in the work place.

Sport and exercise psychologist

Sport science and, in particular, sport psychology is playing a bigger and more important role than ever in the professional environment. Athletes are now encouraged to be mentally fit as well as physically. England manager Gareth Southgate is an advocate of psychologists with professional sport and ensured they were on hand for his players throughout the 2018 World Cup. A psychologist will look at the behaviours and mental capacity of athletes and their team, and help them deal with the demands expected of them.

Psychology degree - Gareth Southgate