Sports stars are now household names and brands within their own rights. Because of this, legal representation for these athletes is now an industry on its own. There are families, earnings and brands that require protecting…


Agents are now play a massive role in professional sport. From dealing with a player’s contract negotiation, through to finalising their new boot deal. Agents might concentrate on one client, or run their own business with a number of clients. Either way, every player has one.

Sports lawyer or solicitor

The job description for a sport specific lawyer is as broad as it is long. They can represent an athlete, a club, a governing body or a brand. They could even represent all of these all at once. A lawyer will sometimes act as an agent too, just to add to the work load. The lawyer will protect their client as well as advise. The job is well rewarded financially, but be prepared to put in the hard graft and long hours required to get there, then again once in position.



Away from sports law, a barrister will advise clients on the law and how strong their case is for a court room. A barrister is an independent source of legal advice and are hired by solicitors to represent a case in court. As a barrister you’ll be dedicated, passionate and strong minded to stand up in a court room and fight the corner of your client.  You’ll usually specialise in a specific area of law, so this could include sport, commercial, entertainment, criminal among others.

Tax adviser

The job title might not be the most exciting but your knowledge of tax legislation to an athlete earning millions of pounds from different sources will make you very employable. You’ll have to stay on top of ever changing tax laws and be able to communicate this and legislation to your client, but your advice and work will ensure they pay the correct tax and able to benefit from any exemptions.