Although UCFB are proud to see our graduates complete their dynamic three years of study at UCFB, we’re not quite finished with you yet. In fact, keeping in touch with you whilst you find your feet and inevitably excel into leading figures in all market sectors internationally, leading to a network of informed professionals around the globe is a priority for us.

Find out how you can make the most of your Alumni Network:

Your Alumni Community+


UCFB is committed to keeping in touch with all our graduates through our website and other social media channels. Read the latest UCFB Alumni news and how to stay in touch.

Your Alumni Services+

Here at UCFB we offer the alumni the chance to gain valuable advice and guidance directly from those who have already experienced life as a UCFB student. Find out more about our services.

Your Alumni Benefits+

Once our students have successfully graduated they are entitled to a number of services provided by UCFB. Find out more about the benefits provided by UCFB to its Alumni.

Alumni Shaping the Future of UCFB+

You and your fellow alumni can help shape the future of UCFB as it grows over the coming years, leaving your mark on the future leaders of the sport industry. Find out how you can help current UCFB students.