You and your fellow alumni can help shape the future of UCFB as it grows over the coming years, leaving your mark on the future leaders of the sport industry.

There are a number of ways alumni can get involved with UCFB and the current student body, in the process boosting your CV, gaining more experience, whilst giving something back.

  • Mentoring current UCFB students
  • Speaking at an event or running a skills workshop
  • Recruiting from the UCFB student body
  • Coaching or supporting an Athletic Union Club
  • Managing UCFB Alumni Reunions
  • Representing UCFB as an International Ambassador
  • Taking a leadership position on the UCFB Alumni Council

If you are interested in any of the above or have another suggestion, please email with your full name, graduating year and a brief description of how you would like to help shape the future of UCFB.