Clearing is an opportunity for students to make sure they get a place on a degree programme that excites them at an institution that will help them achieve all of their goals. It is not limited to those who did not manage to obtain a place at their first choice institution.

Below, UCFB Wembley student Ariana Tan, who’s studying BA (Hons) Sports Business & Sports Broadcasting, explains how she found the Clearing process in 2015.

What circumstances led you to Clearing?

I was in Clearing because I decided to drop out of my previous higher education institution as I wasn’t enjoying my course.

How did you find out about the Clearing process at UCFB?

I found out about UCFB through my friend. She had mentioned that she saw adverts about a higher education institution based around football.

How supportive and helpful was the Clearing process at UCFB?

The Clearing process was very supportive and helpful explaining exactly what I needed to do, going through an interview and visiting Wembley I felt very welcomed.

If someone has just found out about UCFB through Clearing and only have a few weeks to plan the move, what top tips would you give them?

Make sure you really want to be at UCFB and are happy with the courses UCFB offer. I would say do some research about UCFB and the area and activities and if your course has given you any pre reading to do before the start of the year, make sure you do it! Finally, stay calm and excited for the start of your year and don’t miss out on Freshers’ Week as it is a great way for you to meet friends before your course begins. I would recommend new students to stay in student halls as it is the best and easiest way to make friends.

How has your time at UCFB been so far?

My time at UCFB has been incredible. I am so happy to have met more girls who love football as much as me! Having lectures and seminars inside Wembley Stadium is a huge plus and it makes me feel very special and motivated working towards my goals. UCFB have already given me so many opportunities for work placements and I have experienced so much already in just one year.

If someone is offered a place at UCFB through Clearing and has to make a decision quickly, what would your advice be to them?

My advice would be to go with what your heart wants and if you are someone that loves not only football but any sort of sport, UCFB is the place for you. It is very welcoming and friendly so I would say don’t miss out on an opportunity to be studying at UCFB.

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