In Focus: Managers and the press should be best friends – Neil Silver

Neil Silver, UCFB’s Head of Employment and Enrichment, and a football journalist with decades of experience covering the game, has highlighted why it pays for a manager to have good relations with the press…

Don’t fall off your chair when you read this, but football managers and football journalists really should try to become best of friends.

On the whole, there is too much suspicion of journalists from managers – although that suspicion is sometimes not without its foundation.

Like every walk of...

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Ground-breaking book exploring primary physical education by UCFB’s Gerald out now

A new book exploring physical education at primary level, edited by UCFB’s Dr. Gerald Griggs, is now available.

The Routledge Handbook of Primary Physical Education goes further than any other book in exploring the specific theoretical and practical components of teaching physical education at primary or elementary school level.

Led by UCFB Etihad Campus Head of Academics Gerald, and Dr Kirsten Petrie of the University of Waikato, New Zealand, the book sees contributions from over 30 leading international primary PE specialists from academic...

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In Focus: When worlds collide – England v Brazil to light up Wembley Stadium

Brazil make their third trip to the new Wembley Stadium this week to take on England in a glamour friendly tie, as both sides step up their World Cup preparation ahead of next summer’s tournament in Russia.

Ahead of the game we sat down with proud Brazilian and UCFB Wembley’s Gustavo Spanholi, programme leader for BA (Hons) International Football Business, to discuss both countries chances next summer, and the issues affecting each nation on and off the pitch…

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In Focus: The English Premier League is experiencing a textbook case of hyper-inflation – Josh McLeod

By Josh McLeod, lecturer in BA (Hons) International Football Business at UCFB Wembley

The big summer transfer headline belongs to Neymar and his record-breaking £198m move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain. But, by anyone’s standards, the spending across English Premier League football clubs has been similarly jaw-dropping. With £40m fees now commonplace, last year’s record-breaking spend of £1.165 billion is almost certain to be smashed again before the transfer window closes on August 31.

This season marks 25 years since the Premier League began and transfer...

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In conversation with UCFB academics Russell Preston and Mohammed Seedat

We recently sat down with two of UCFB’s BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing academics Russell Preston and Mohammed Seedat, to chat the Qatar 2022 World Cup, UCFB’s growth and the evolving marketing landscape…

How long have you both been in teaching?

Russell Preston: This September I reached a milestone of 25 years of teaching business, economics and of course marketing.

Mohammed Seedat: I am at the start of my career after completing my teaching qualification. This is my fifth year of teaching at...

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In Focus: How football coaching has evolved – Jez Semple

In the latest in our UCFB In Focus series, Jez Semple, programme leader for BA (Hons) Football Coaching and Management at UCFB Etihad Campus, explores the methods used by modern day football coaches at grassroots and professional levels, and how it’s not all just about the ball these day.

Jez has over 14 years of coaching experience in grassroots, academy and professional environments, from youth to both the male and female senior game. After finishing his playing career, he completed his...

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In Focus: Wladimir Klitschko: good guys, bad guys and the complicated world of promoting a boxer

By James McKeown, Head of Global Marketing at UCFB

Does it pay to be the bad guy in sport? This is a question that sports marketing professionals often wrestle with and it is particularly appropriate to boxing, where fighters rely on grabbing the public’s attention in order to secure themselves a payday.

This weekend sees the most anticipated fight of the year take place inside Wembley Stadium, home of UCFB Wembley, when Britain’s Anthony Joshua takes on Wladimir Klitschko for three world...

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In Focus: Locating Physical Education – Dr. Gerald Griggs

In the latest in our UCFB In Focus series, Dr. Gerald Griggs, head of academics at UCFB Etihad Campus, lays out the purpose of Physical Education in the curriculum and reveals how it has developed since the beginning of the 20th century.

Gerald has worked in education for over twenty years and brings a wealth of higher education experience to UCFB. He is a globally recognised figure in the field of primary physical education and to date has published four...

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UCFB – In Focus: Football must be careful of overusing technology

Dr. Brian Barwick, RFL chairman and member of UCFB’s Employability & Enhancement Panel

For many years I was an advocate of goal-line technology and it was a battle that was difficult to win. I wanted to see it in the game because it deals with actualities – the ball is either over the line or it isn’t. There’s nothing subjective about it. It’s fact.

I used to go to a lot of FIFA congresses and I’d be called the television man...

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In Focus: The psychological demands of a professional footballer – Alan Tonge

In the latest in our UCFB In Focus series, lecturer Alan Tonge gives an insight into his ongoing research on the psychological demands faced by professional football players. He hopes his research will help players navigate the rigours of professional football so that they have a longer playing career, and to then aid their transition into the game when their playing careers are coming to an end.

Alan, a lecturer in sport research at UCFB Etihad Campus, is a former professional himself,...

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