Sports Business & Sports Broadcasting student, Lianna embarked on her journey at UCFB Wembley in September 2015 as part of the second intake within the iconic Wembley Stadium campus. Before making the decision to join UCFB, Lianna worked as a broadcaster on various shopping channels in the UK. Since joining UCFB, Lianna has made sure that she has continued to gain broadcasting experience alongside the academic course in order to build her CV and maximise her employability upon graduating.

As part of UCFB’s unique Complementary Curriculum, Lianna has taken part in the match commentary masterclass with Peter Smith, commentator at Sky Sports. During three long sessions, Peter provided personal critique, feedback and advice to each of the students, and Lianna even had the unique opportunity to attend a live football match and commentate alongside him.

For Lianna there is one moment that stands out in her mind as a highlight of her time at UCFB, and that is when Philip Wilson invited five UCFB students to the League Managers Association conference. Commenting on her time at the LMA conference, Lianna described this as; “an exciting and inspirational experience, which we definitely wouldn’t have got if we didn’t attend UCFB.”

Mature student, Lianna has aspirations to become a presenter for Sky Sports and is confident that she can realise this ambitious career through hard-work and the invaluable work experience and networking that UCFB facilitates.

“UCFB honestly does put you in a good place. They put you in touch with the right contacts.”