As part of UCFB’s commitment to local community, school and college outreach across all campuses, Modern Foreign Language Days are held at UCFB to help to bring languages alive for Year 9 pupils, encouraging them to consider the benefits of learning a language at GCSE level.

Pupils from local schools are welcomed to the UCFB campuses in the language of the day and enjoy DVDs in foreign languages in UCFB’s classrooms overlooking the pitch, decorated with the national flags of the featured nation of the day. This is followed by an exciting stadium tour.

Career specialists from the UCFB team deliver presentations on the importance of learning languages and subsequently the pupils are invited to create their own presentations about what they have learned. It is also a fantastic opportunity for UCFB students to engage with the local schools and help the pupils with a foreign language that they are fluent in. Participating secondary schools have reported that uptake of languages at GCSE level has increased since the introduction of UCFB’s Modern Foreign Language Days.

BA (Hons) Football Business & Marketing student, Max Thornburn, who is fluent in Spanish, commented on the Modern Foreign Language Days at UCFB:

“Whilst studying at UCFB for the past three years I have helped to support with the Modern Foreign Language Days that we hold for young students from local high schools. I have a good background in Spanish, having taken advanced classes throughout high school and previously working at a summer camp in Spain. I’ve really enjoyed working with the groups of local students that have come to UCFB, helping to support them with their foreign language skills and future goals.

“I think it can be really beneficial for the students to get a different perspective from someone who shows enthusiasm for languages outside of their normal classroom setting. All of the young people that have come to UCFB have been great to work with and are very engaging.

“These young students are very talented and I was really impressed by the presentations that the students delivered in our last session. I hope that the students have found the sessions to be both interesting and enjoyable, and I look forward to continuing to support with our Modern Foreign Language Days in the future.”

UCFB students can also take courses in modern foreign languages as part of the UCFB Complementary Curriculum. Read more about these additional qualifications and courses.