“When the ball rolls off the centre spot at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon the perception is that this is the Kick Off.

“The actual Kick Off for the thousands of people who work in the football industry is Monday 9am the week before, the month before or even years before. For the ball to roll off the centre spot it requires co-ordination from many market sectors such as finance, law, media, marketing, human resources, supply chain management and logistics.

“The football industry is a multi-billion pound global business and yet there is little provision in education and training in this rapidly expanding sector.

“UCFB provides best in class academic education in traditional degree subjects, which gives each student the skills, capabilities and knowledge to work within the football business and surrounding industries.”

Brendan Flood, UCFB Chairman

Football and sport in the UK are major industries which employ more people than, for example, the established and respected pharmaceutical sector. There are well over 100,000 jobs in the UK today which depend on football.

UCFB knows these industries well. Senior, respected figures from the football business and wider sports industries are on our Advisory Board, developing our curriculum and teaching in our lecture theatres. Partner organisations are providing not only unrivalled insights in seminars but also access to work placements that will give practical experience to our students as they develop their CVs.

New opportunities consistently present themselves in these expanding global industries. The football and sports industries have proved robust regardless of the economic climate over the last 100 years. This stability is embraced by UCFB bringing clubs, sponsors, established elements of the industries and new initiatives in higher education together to develop and promote graduate employability.

Our Degrees

Our intention is to give each individual student the opportunity to study a traditional academic subject within the context of an industry for which they have a genuine passion and interest. We believe such an approach drives engagement and facilitates achievement.

Employment & Enrichment

Our students will be given the opportunity to engage with senior industry and sector specialists through our Executive Speaker Series, our programme of organised excursions, the UCFB Strategic Leadership & Management Programme – headed up by Neil Doncaster, Chief Executive of the Scottish Professional Football League – and from the support provided in finding internship opportunities within the professional football industry.

Pastoral Care & Development

Each student will be supported by an Academic Mentor and a Pastoral Mentor to support personal and academic development across their three years of study.

A personalised approach to supporting each of our students is central to all we do at UCFB. Each student will have weekly opportunities to meet with their mentors face-to-face. Such opportunities can include a weekly personal and academic tutorial session, or a one-to-one tutorial which students can arrange directly with their Mentors.

Each student will have email and mobile contact details for their Mentors and a weekly list of availability will be circulated. The Mentors support our students in developing their intellectual, academic, social, spiritual and cultural interests. This is not to say that the Mentors are responsible for each of these aspects of student life, but rather they will have access to and knowledge of specialist links and services that can provide such support e.g. local religious groups, chaplaincy services and community links.