In some cases we may invite an applicant in for an interview or a further assessment to find out more about them or help to make our decision. This often seems daunting to applicants and is something that can cause a great deal of nerves. It is worth remembering that we do not invite applicants for interview unless we feel that they could potentially succeed on the programme. This is a chance to meet you, find out more about you and to give you a chance to show that would you be a fantastic UCFB student.

Undergraduate degrees

Applicants invited to an interview and assessment for a degree typically do not have one of the common entry qualifications such as A Levels, BTECs or an Access course and often have professional experience or vocational qualifications. Applicants are asked to sit a Level 2 (GCSE A-C standard) maths test and complete a short written exercise.

Interviews will typically take place with at least one academic and a member of the admissions team and will give you an opportunity to discuss your skills and suitability as well as find out more about the programme and UCFB experience.

Postgraduate programmes

All UCFB Masters programmes ask for a 2:1 degree in any discipline, however we do accept applicants with a 2:2 degree or lower following a thorough investigation of your previous qualifications and experience.

We are specifically looking for applicants who have previously shown strong research or analytical skills (e.g. a grade of 60%+ in their dissertation module). Applicants who do not meet this requirement through their qualifications may be invited in for an interview with our postgraduate programme leader to find out more about them and their background. Applicants will typically be set a written exercise following this interview and applicants who are able to demonstrate potential to succeed on their chosen programme will typically be made an offer following this process.