Once UCFB has received your application and reviewed the information provided, there are a number of different responses you may receive from us, this section should help you to understand what our response means and what you need to do.

Conditional offers

A conditional offer means that we would like to offer you a place to study with us, however you must wait until you have received your final qualification as the offer will be made to you based on achieving certain grades and/or amount of UCAS points. This is typically because you do not meet our entry requirements at the time of applying but you have enough time to take the necessary qualifications or exams and meet our minimum entry requirements in time to enrol.

Remember that you must have your results and evidence by August 31st, after this date we are able to reject your application for not meeting our requirements by the deadline so you must aim to get your results and conditions met no later than August 31st.

Unconditional offers

This means you’ve already met the entry requirements and a place at that institution is yours should you choose to accept it. The majority of applicants receive an unconditional offer in July or August following exam results being released, but if you have already achieved all of your qualifications and met our entry requirements then you generally receive an unconditional offer much earlier.

Alternative offer

In some instances UCFB might offer an alternative pathway to the one you have applied for based on our assessment of your application.

Unsuccessful applications

In some cases, an applicant may apply to us who has not fully met the entry requirements or whose academic background suggests that they may not presently be in the best position to take advantage of a UCFB degree, succeed in their studies and get the experience they deserve from us.

This is always a difficult decision to make but often a necessary one; there is nothing worse than seeing a student take out a student loan and enrol in higher education only to struggle and leave early. If you receive an unsuccessful application decision from us then do not despair, there is often something you can do to strengthen your application and submit a successful application for a future intake.

The best thing you can do in this circumstance is to email admissions@ucfb.com to request some further feedback on your decision – we’d be happy to assist you and advise you on ways of strengthening a future application to UCFB.

Bursary Information

When will I receive my bursary if I meet the conditions of my original offer?+

You will receive your bursary as an enrolled UCFB student and the payment will be made in three equal instalments at the start of each term.


Will the bursary be paid directly to me?+

No, this will be paid to your accommodation provider or as contribution towards a travel card.

I do not plan to stay in UCFB accommodation. Can I put my bursary towards my chosen halls of residence?+

Unfortunately not. Your bursary can only go towards UCFB’s approved accommodation providers.

When will UCAS Track be updated with my Unconditional Offer?+

This will be updated within 10 working days of the offer being made in writing, although we hope to have many offers out before this.

If your application was successful please visit the I Have Accepted an Offer from UCFB  for information on the next steps.