If you received a conditional offer then please check the conditions of your offer carefully to make sure that you have met all of your conditions and that all requested evidence has been sent in to us. Remember that some results are released at different times and a decision will not be made until all results have been received. If your offer asks you to achieve a GCSE then this result will be released around one week after A Levels and much later than BTEC qualifications.

Once we have all of your results, we will make a final decision and update your offer on UCAS or via email for postgraduate applicants:

You met the conditions of our offer

Congratulations, you achieved everything we asked for in your conditional offer and maybe even done a bit better! We will update your application to unconditional very soon either on UCAS or via email, once you have your unconditional offer your place at UCFB is confirmed and it’s time to start thinking about beginning your student journey with us.

You did not meet your offer conditions

If you have not fully met your offer conditions, then your application will go back to admissions and the UCFB academic team for further consideration. This is often an extremely stressful time for applicants and we understand that you may wish to receive a decision from us as soon as possible. Please keep in mind however that this is a very important decision for us which often takes time, we will do all that we can to make sure that your application is given serious and careful consideration as quickly as possible.

This is where your personal statement, application and reference gets a great deal of scrutiny once again, we will consider how close you came to meeting your conditions, your strengths, weaknesses and extracurricular profile. If we still feel that despite not meeting our conditions, you have demonstrated sufficient motivation and ability to succeed once on a UCFB programme we will offer you a place.

Unsuccessful applications and feedback

In some cases, our decision may be that we are unable to accept you and offer you a place at this time. This is usually when we feel that you need some further study or development to ensure that you have the best possible chance to succeed at UCFB.

If you receive an unsuccessful decision and would like some further advice, guidance or feedback, please email us on admissions@ucfb.com. We are always happy to help advise and guide you on making successful future application.