It’s very important that applicants who are currently studying work towards achieving the best grades they possibly can – doing so means that you gain experience of working to a high level in exams, coursework and assessments which will help you considerably when progressing to degree level study. Many graduate schemes will assess applicants on their pre-higher education qualifications as well as their degree qualifications, so the grades you achieve prior to joining UCFB are still incredibly important.

To ensure that our applicants work towards the best possible grades and the benefits that this brings, our offers comprise of both a UCAS points requirement and a minimum grade requirement. The purpose of this page is to help you better understand the minimum grade requirement and how you can go about meeting it

We ask for applicants to have at least two A level qualifications at grade C or equivalent, if you are only sitting  A Levels this year then you simply need to get two C grades with the remainder of the UCAS points coming from your other A levels, AS Levels or any other qualifications which have a UCAS point value (see for help with this).

We also require all students to have obtained grade C or above in their GCSE English & Maths.

What equivalent grades can I use?

The following list of qualifications is intended to help you identify qualifications which are equivalent to an A level grade C – this list is not exhaustive and there may be other qualifications not on the UCAS Tariff point system which are considered to be equivalent qualifications. Please email if you are not sure about the qualifications you’re currently sitting.

Level 3 BTEC Qualifications

  • Subsidiary Diploma – M (counts as 1x Grade C equivalent)
  • 90 Credit Diploma – MP (Counts as 1x Grade C equivalent)
  • 90 Credit Diploma – DD (Counts as 2x Grade C equivalent)
  • Diploma – PP – (counts as 1x Grade C equivalent)
  • Diploma – MM (counts as 2x Grade C equivalents)

Level 3 Cambridge Technical

  • Introductory Diploma – M (counts as 1x Grade C equivalent)
  • Subsidiary Diploma – MP (Counts as 1x Grade C equivalent)
  • Subsidiary Diploma – DD (Counts as 2x Grade C equivalent)
  • Diploma – PP – (counts as 1x Grade C equivalent)
  • Diploma – MM (counts as 2x Grade C equivalents)

Cambridge Pre-U

  • Principle Subject – M3 (counts as 1x Grade C equivalent)
  • Global Perspectives and Independent Research – M3 (counts as 1x Grade C equivalent)

I’m sitting a combination of A Levels and other qualifications

We often see applicants studying a combination of A Level and other qualifications, if that is the case then you are more than welcome to combine grades from different qualifications to achieve our minimum requirements.

You can do this by counting the number of Grade C equivalents from the list above, to meet our minimum requirement you need to could at least two Grade C equivalent grades from the above list (or A-Levels at grade C) and achieve your minimum required UCAS points.

Can I use two C graded AS Levels to meet this requirement?

No, you need to have completed two full A level (or equivalent) qualifications and achieved the minimum required grades in order to meet our conditions. You cannot make up one equivalent grade from two or more smaller qualifications

Can I count qualifications I’ve already achieved towards this requirement?

Yes, we’re happy to count qualifications already achieved alongside your pending qualifications.

My offer didn’t ask me to achieve equivalent qualifications?

In many cases we tell applicants exactly what grades they need to achieve – e.g. applicants sitting BTEC Extended Diplomas, Scottish Highers or Access courses. If you have been told exactly which grades you need to achieve as part of your offer then you just need to focus on achieving these grades over the coming weeks and months.