In this section we provide you with more information on starting your application to UCFB, whether that is to one of our bachelor degree programmes or a Masters programme. The following section gives information on how to apply, our programme entry requirements and any key dates you may need to consider.

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1. Register with UCAS

Add some personal details, get a username, create a password and set your security questions.

2. Pick your course

Remember you need your Institution code, Course Code and Campus Code which can be found here.

3. Head over to the UCAS website and fill out the application form

If you need any further guidance feel free to look at our useful guides here.

4. Send your application form and wait for our reply

You can track your UCAS application here. Additionally if you have any questions or queries in the meantime please feel free to contact our admissions team at , or scroll below for more information and tips.

Application Guides and Tips

The First Step

The first step for all applicants is to decide on the course you would like to study. After all, you’ll be spending three years or more doing it. The UCFB website provides detail on each degree programme, taking an in-depth look at entry requirements, modules and career prospects.

Find out about applying for an Undergraduate course at UCFB

Entry Requirements

UCFB Wembley campus, with Wembley Stadium at its heart

All courses at UCFB have pre-set entry requirements published on the course listing page of the UCFB website, these are the qualifications and grades we ask applicants to achieve in order to demonstrate that they have the necessary academic skills and competencies to succeed on a higher education programme of study.

Understand the UCFB entry requirements further

Personal Statement

Your personal statement can be one of the most important tools you have to sell yourself to the institution and say, in your own words, why you would be a great student and what you’ll bring to the institution.

Read more about putting together the right personal statement
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Your reference is one of the most important parts of your application. Having somebody in a position of authority put their reputation on the line to support your application to study with us means a great deal and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Have a look at our references tips

Who Sees My Application?

All applicants to UCFB are reviewed by trained and experienced admissions staff who will undertake an initial review of your application, qualifications, personal statement and reference.

Find out more on who sees your application

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