All courses at UCFB have pre-set entry requirements published on the course listing page of the UCFB website, these are the qualifications and grades we ask applicants to achieve in order to demonstrate that they have the necessary academic skills and competencies to succeed on a higher education programme of study. Applicants who achieve these minimum grades and submit a strong application will often have a particularly strong chance of being accepted and offered a place at UCFB.

It is important to do as best you can to work towards hitting the minimum grades and qualifications required, if you do not meet these minimum required grades then we may still be able to consider you and offer a place but undertaking the work, study and revision required to hit our minimum entry requirements will also benefit you considerably when you come to study with us.

Applicants who do not currently meet our entry requirements but who are currently studying additional qualifications are often made a conditional offer which informs them of the exact grades, qualifications or entry requirements they need to achieve in order to be guaranteed a place with us

Not all applicants are able to clearly meet our published entry requirements and many applicants apply to us with qualifications not listed on our standard entry qualifications. Applications are welcomed from any applicant with a genuine passion and ambition to work in the football, sport and events industries. Each of our degree programmes have different entry requirements, and can be found on each course page. Further information on your specific qualifications or profile can be gained by emailing some information about yourself to