Your personal statement can be one of the most important tools you have to sell yourself to the institution and say, in your own words, why you would be a great student and what you’ll bring to the institution. This part of the application process often takes the most amount of time and causes applicants the most amount of stress.

Your statement should highlight your personal traits as well as academic abilities. Remember, you’ll be spending at least three years in higher education so it’s also about fitting in with similar individuals. For further information, check out the UCAS guide on Personal Statements which should help you to better understand what to write about and what makes a great personal statement.

Remember, we want to know what makes you great, what skills and competencies you have, why you would make a great UCFB student and your career goals and ambitions. We’re looking for students who are passionate, engaging, interested in their chosen subject and who have goals and ambitions that we can help you to achieve.

Remember when writing your personal statement that it will be put through a plagiarism checker which will cross reference your personal statement against previously submitted statements online and through UCAS. We will receive a report if your personal statement is shown to have been copied from others or online resources so it’s crucial that this is an original piece of writing; written about you, by you.