All applicants to UCFB are reviewed by trained and experiences admissions colleagues who will undertake an initial review of your application, qualifications, personal statement and reference. In many cases, applicants who clearly meet our entry requirements and have submitted a strong application will be made a conditional or unconditional offer by the Admissions team.

Applicants applying to undergraduate programmes via UCAS will have their application assessed initially by admissions colleagues at our academic partner and validation institution, Bucks New University. All UCAS application are made via Bucks’ B94 UCAS account and the Bucks admissions team work closely with UCFB to assess and make offers to our applicants through UCAS. In some cases, applicants may be contacted by our colleagues at Bucks New University for more information on their application or additional forms or documentation.

In some cases, your application will be passed to a programme leader or a member of the senior academic team to make a decision or assessment of your application. UCFB and Bucks admissions teams are well trained and experience enough to make a decision on a large number of applications, however sometimes we need to seek help from colleagues who are more experienced in the subject to help us assess your experience, background and suitability. Many of our applicants reviewed by the academic team will be invited in to have an interview and given the opportunity to discuss their application and suitability in person.

Your application may also be reviewed by other members of the wider UCFB team such as the disability support team, sport coordinators or our recruitment team so that we can tailor our services, advice and support to your specific needs. Information shared on your application is only ever done with UCFB and Bucks New University teams, we will never share your application, personal details or information with a 3rd party, this includes your parents, guardians or partner.

If you would ever like to authorise UCFB to discuss your application with anybody other than yourself, we would recommend that you email us on from the email address you used to apply to UCFB and providing the full name and details of whoever you would like to authorise to discuss your application.