What is a CAS?

A CAS is an electronic document issued by a higher education institution in the United Kingdom. The CAS contains information about your course of study as well as your personal details. This information, along with a unique CAS number and the institute’s sponsor licence details, is sent to the UKVI. You will then use your CAS to complete the tier four application form.

As UCFB is a college of Bucks New University your CAS will be issued by Bucks New University. This means you will study on at the UCFB campus but your visa will be directly linked to Bucks New University.

If you require any further information about CAS you can e-mail compliance@ucfb.com.

How can I obtain a CAS?

Once you meet the requirements of your offer you will be able to apply for a CAS.

You can apply for a CAS by completing a CAS request form.

You can find the CAS request form here.

The CAS Request will clearly explain what documents you must provide.