Your Employability

Our stellar collection of Employment & Enrichment services ensure industry-ready graduates enjoy a natural progression into their chosen career.

Employment & Enrichment

At UCFB we bridge the gap between education and business, allowing a unique approach to education. We provide two curricula; the academic curriculum which encompasses exams and coursework and the Employment

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Career Prospects

The three key ingredients to a successful career are a world-class degree, stand-out references and unparalleled work experience.

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Employability & Recruitment Services

UCFB prides itself on the highly employable students that graduate from the institution each year. As well as unique and seminars and teaching, plus world-class networking and work experience opportunities,

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Careers Service

The Careers Service (CS) at UCFB is a unique and tailored career development department exclusively open to all UCFB students and alumni. With dedicated space within the Citizens Suite at

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Graduate Success Stories

At UCFB we pride ourselves on the employability of our industry-ready graduates as a result of the best-in-class academic programmes and unrivalled Complementary Curriculum.

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Explore UCFB

About UCFB

UCFB is situated at the heart of the football, sport and events industries with a network of key influential individuals and organisations.

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Our Programmes

A World First in Higher Education, UCFB offers university degrees in the football business and wider sport and events industries.

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The UCFB Experience

UCFB provides an exceptional environment to live and learn in, with award-winning facilities in two iconic campuses.

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