Our pastoral care and personal development programme monitors each student throughout their three years, which means we get to know each student’s personal, academic and professional needs and expectations.

Personal Tutor Support

Each student will be supported by a Personal Tutor. The Personal Tutor will be the first point of contact for each student, supporting personal and academic development across their three years of study.

A personalised approach to supporting each of our students is central to all we do at UCFB. Each student will have weekly opportunities to meet with their Personal Tutor face-to-face. Such opportunities will include a weekly, one hour personal and academic tutorial session with an immediate peer group, as well as one-to-one tutorial opportunities that students can arrange directly with their Personal Tutor.

Each student will have email and mobile contact details for their Personal Tutor and a weekly list of Tutor availability will be shared with each member of the tutorial group. The Personal Tutor will support our students in developing their intellectual, academic, social, spiritual and cultural interests. This is not to say that the Personal Tutor is responsible for each of these aspects of student life, rather they will have access to and knowledge of specialist links and services that can provide such support e.g. local religious groups, chaplaincy services and community links.

Pastoral Care & Personal Development

Our pastoral care and personal development programme monitors each student throughout the three years, which means we get to know each student’s personal, academic and professional needs and expectations.

Career Opportunities

Our pastoral care and personal development programme ties in directly with career development, informing your work-related activities and ultimately leading to you finding the right place for you in the football, sports and entertainment industries. For those who wish to extend their studies at the end of their degree, opportunities to study at postgraduate will be encouraged.

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Learning Support

At UCFB we are here to help ensure that you get the most from your experience in an inclusive learning environment.

We provide confidential advice and guidance throughout the application stage and during your studies for support with specific learning difficulties, long standing health conditions, mental health difficulties, autism spectrum disorder and sensory difficulties. If you have any difficulties in accessing the information you require then please contact us on 03332207162  or via email at learningsupport@ucfb.com.

Our Learning Support Team offer information, advice and guidance from application to graduation on a range of areas such as:

  • Support for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA)
  • Reasonable Adjustments (academic and assessment)
  • Support with setting up your Non-Medical Helper support
  • Obtaining up to date supporting evidence
  • Liaison with academic and support departments

Our Learning Support team at both the Etihad and Wembley campuses support students in identifying the most appropriate solutions to potential barriers to learning. We provide an individual pastoral service designed to meet your needs.

We are able to offer a range of reasonable adjustments for students who have declared a disability. Reasonable adjustments can also be put in place for those with temporary disabilities which effect on your ability to study.  i.e. broken bones, following a medical procedure.

If you have a disability or any support requirements, it is essential that you inform us as soon as possible so that we can work on any requirements you may be entitled to. Once you have informed us we will continue to support you with any requirements throughout your studies.

We use a Consent to Share process to ensure that the information we obtain is shared with the right people in order to provide you with reasonable adjustments. You may be asked to sign a Consent to Share document in your first week at UCFB.

We only contact third parties on a need to know basis and we will normally be acting on your behalf, for example liaising with academic tutors. We will also uphold your wishes in regards to disclosure, however if at any time we consider you to be at risk we reserve the right to contact appropriate services.

We will always act in the best interests of the student.

If required, the information in our web pages can be provided in alternative formats.

UCFB School & College Mentoring Programme

As part of being at UCFB, our students are able to participate in a variety of activities during their studies and our Student Mentoring scheme is one of them.

Due to the excellent working relationships UCFB has with its local schools and colleges, carefully selected and trained undergraduate mentors work with students on a range of skills from building confidence and motivation to specific areas such as supporting languages, literacy and numeracy – using their personal experiences and the context of the sports industry to inspire and motivate.

This year, UCFB has teams of mentors working with pupils, helping to provide a positive role model as well as supporting pupils who have found it difficult to succeed at school. As one mentor remarked, this is the “most satisfying feeling imaginable.”

In addition, UCFB plan to roll out a brand new Football Mentoring programme which will see a small group of students working with UCFB undergraduate mentors to improve social, sporting and confidence levels. This will assist in raising the aspirations of students with a passion for sport whilst highlighting the benefits of working in sport both on and off the field.

To date, our undergraduate mentors have each found their experiences very rewarding, having the opportunity to make a positive impact, and in the process, learning a great deal about real life themselves.

If you’re a school or college and would like further details on participating in UCFB’s School and College Mentoring Programme, please contact our Student Services team on 03332417333.

Student Finance

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