After my first year as a Football Business and Finance Degree student at UCFB and a successful initial placement at Aon, I was given the opportunity to return to the organisation for an internship this summer.

Having almost finished my month of work experience here, my role as a Placement Broker within the Sports, Recreation and Entertainment department has given me a huge insight into the insurance market.



As soon as I arrived I was immediately given a lot of responsibility and spent most of my time looking at Personal Accident and Illness cover for Professional Footballers, a vast majority of whom were at this year’s World Cup in Brazil.

I also had the opportunity to look at the policies for Professional Clubs, the two most common types of cover for players being PTD (Permanent Total Disablement) and TTD (Temporary Total Disablement).

Another interesting part of my role was looking into contingency policies for Professional Clubs. Contingency policies cover the club for various events such as fixtures/tours having to be cancelled and the revenue that would have been generated from those events.

Clubs will also insure their assets including their players. There are various levels of cover, for example; Real Madrid is the only team in the world that insures the full value of each player.

Other clubs will have policies which mean the underwriters are obliged to pay the club a figure that will allow them to find a suitable replacement which may be significantly less than the perceived market value of the player.

Being a massive football fan; learning about the inner machinations of the industry first-hand has been a great experience.

Building Relationships

My role also included speaking to the players’ agents to establish the level of cover needed for each player. Once this was received I needed to speak to the insurance market in the Lloyds building and gain quotes for the level of cover needed whilst at the same time trying to gain the most competitive rate for the client. This meant building relationships with underwriters and other personnel in the insurance industry.

Future Opportunities

Due to the work that I have done for Aon over the last month, they have asked for me to speak to HR in regards to doing a full summer internship next summer and also the possibility of getting on the competitive graduate scheme after I have finished my degree at UCFB.

It’s been an absolutely fantastic experience and I’m looking forward to returning to UCFB with some new skills as well as potentially further exploring my relationship with Aon in the future.